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Visualize, Plot, Sketch, and Measure

Mapwerk is a multi-purpose mapping tool for everything from taking measurements to smoothing the transition from raw map data to print-ready maps.

Measure Distance, Area, and Perimeter of any Scale Image
Plot or Import XYZ Data
Sketch to Scale with a Combination of Freestyle, Snap-to-Grid, and Distance/Azimuth Methods
Quickly Manipulate Total Station Data to and from an Arbitrary Grid
Plot from a Baseline using Relative Measurements from any Two Data Points
Visualize Downslope Profiles from Topographic Maps
Calculate Quarter-Section Legal Location from 1 to 6 Levels Deep
Set Measurement, Coordinate, and Contour Interval to just about any Unit
Set Grid to any Cartesian Coordinate System
Calculate Lat/Lon Coordinates of all Points given known Datum
Custom Stylize Map Data Layers, Coordinate Grid, Scale, and More
Export Map Data to CSV, GeoJSON, or AutoCAD Script

Implemented Features:

In Development

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