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Plot. Digitize. Sketch. Present.

Coordinate-Centric Vector Drawing
and Image Layering Software

Precise control over shape and image transformations
Images exist in vector space so they retain their original pixel information when zoomed

Mapwerk is a coordinate-centric 2D vector drawing program suited for mapping localized areas.

It combines commonly-used functionality of GIS and CAD systems in a high-efficiency interface.

Measure Distance, Area, and Perimeter of any Scale Image
Plot or Import XYZ Data
Sketch to Scale with a Combination of Freestyle, Snap-to-Grid, and Distance/Azimuth Methods
Quickly Manipulate Total Station Data to and from an Arbitrary Grid
Plot from a Baseline using Relative Measurements from any Two Data Points
Visualize Downslope Profiles from Topographic Maps
Calculate Quarter-Section Legal Location from 1 to 4 Levels Deep
Set Measurement, Coordinate, and Contour Interval to just about any Unit
Set Grid to any Cartesian Coordinate System
Calculate Lat/Lon Coordinates of all Points given known Datum
Custom Stylize Map Data Layers, Coordinate Grid, Scale, and More
Export Map Data to CSV, GeoJSON, or AutoCAD Script

Example map established with real-world total station field data and detailed with digitizations from drone imagery and field maps.

Implemented Features:

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